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Critical and Systemic Implications for Democracy

Series Editor: John P. van Gigch Professor Emeritus, California State University,USA.

Editor Volume 1: Janet McIntyre-Mills, Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management , Australia

C.West Churchman and Related Works Series Series Editor John P. Van Gigch Volume Editor Janet McIntyre-Mills

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data 1. McIntyre-Mills, Janet, J (Janet Judy), 1959- Editor of Volume (Book of Readings) Title: Rescuing the Enlightenment from Itself: Critical and Systemic Implications for Democracy 2. John P van Gigch (1930-) Editor of the Series. Title: C.West Churchman�s (1913-2004) Legacy and Related Works. Includes bibliographic references. 3. C. W. Churchman (1913-2003). Commemoration of ideas. � Designs of inquiring systems to enhance governance. � Multidisciplinary Systemic Thinking and intervention. � Rescuing the Enlightenment & Environmental Justice � The Systems Approach, its friends and enemies. � Pragmatism vs. systems thinking. � Participatory designs in Australia�s community settings. � Addressing Indigenous social exclusion. Cultural and research issues.

ISBN -10; 0 -387-27587-8 ISBN -13: 978-0387-27587-1 ISBN-10 0-387-27589-4 (e-book) ISBN-13: 978-0387-27589-5 (e-book)

Design acknowledgements Bagnato, Susanne is a Graphic Designer in Adelaide, Australia. . Contact details are:



Critical and Systemic Implications for Democracy

Series Editor: John P. van Gigch Emeritus Professor

Editor Volume 1: Janet McIntyre-Mills Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management Flinders University Adelaide, Australia

Kluwer-Springer Academic Publishers

2.1 Acknowledgements

My thanks to John P. van Gigch, whose friendship made this series possible and to all those who contributed to this volume and to those who have enthusiastically offered contributions to forthcoming volumes. My thanks to Gloria Churchman for sharing the photographs of West Churchman. My thanks to Kerrin Croft, Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management whose intelligence, good humour and patience contributed to the technical editing process and for the generosity of Susanne Bagnato who transformed the conceptual diagrams into graphics for this series and for my previous volume, Critical Systemic Praxis for Social and Environmental Justice.

Why should humanity care if the powerful choose to ignore and exclude the powerless when making governance decisions? We argue that caring for the other and the environment is both idealistic and pragmatic. Idealism and pragmatism are one. Moving from pragmatism to idealism is not difficult once we appreciate the �boomerang affect� (Beck 1992) of cruelty, wastefulness and greed.

This work on governance, democracy and international relations explores and creates opportunities for building capacity in not only weak states (as suggested by Fukuyama 2004), but instead identifies ways for strong states to address �the enemy within�, rather than merely �dealing with the other� as nations or civilizations or imposing communitarian solutions (Etzioni, 2004, Huntington, 1996) that are not based on participatory design processes.


Ackoff, Russell L., a colleague of Churchman is the founder of INTERACT, USA and is based at Ackoff Centre for Advanced Systems Approaches, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Kenneth Bausch, Ph.D. Executive Director, Institute for 21st Century Agoras; Renaissance scholar; one-time priest, teacher, organizer, counselor, social service administrator, real estate agent, homebuilder, contractor, university professor, research director, and organizational consultant. Author of The Emerging Consensus in Social Systems Theory and Body Wisdom: Faith in Chaos, Catching the Tune; Co-Chair of 47th annual Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, Crete 2003.

Carugati, Andrea, is based at IESEG School of Management in Lille (France) where he is Assistant Professor of Information Systems. His research interests focus on the role of knowledge creation and learning in information systems development.

Christakis, Alexander N. Christakis, Alexander N. CWA Ltd, USA, a founder member of the Club of Rome and developer of the CogniScope system approach and software for managing complexity, President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, 2002.

Ferris, Tim, University of South Australia is director of Electronic Engineering, his research interests are in the theory of measurement, design, development and function of systems.

Forsgren, Olov, a colleague of C.West Churchman is based at the University College of Bor�s.

Gharajedaghi, Jamshid is based at Ackoff Centre for Advanced Systems Approaches, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Matthews, B.D. is a Defence Scientist with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) of Australia. He has an Honours Degree in Applied Mathematics and has recently completed a Ph.D. in Systems Thinking, both from the University of Adelaide. His main research interests involve problems at the interface of philosophy, social theory, mathematics and the management and planning sciences.

McIntyre?, Janet, is a Senior Lecturer at Flinders University in the Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management. Her recent publications include Critical Systemic Praxis for Social and Environmental Justice, 2003 and Global Citizenship and Social Movements: Creating Transcultural Webs of Meaning for the New Millennium� in 2000. She currently facilitates research with a transdiciplinary design team to address social inclusion with Aboriginal Australians.

Metcalfe, Mike, is Associate Research Professor, University of South Australia (City West), Adelaide, South Australia. His PhD? is from Adelaide University, on group problem solving. He has published 5 books and over 50 lead-author refereed academic articles on different aspects of perspectival systems thinking and argumentative inquiry in journals that include Systems Research and Behavioral Science, IT & People, Informal Logic and the European Journal Of Information Systems.

Morgan, D., is a senior research fellow at the University of South Australia and Chair of Neporendi Forum Inc. His PhD? thesis was on Aboriginal Health: The role of Cultural Antecedents in Training Health Professionals to Work with Difference, The School of Education, The Flinders University of South Australia and he has written widely in the area of health, wellbeing, education and social wellbeing.

Mitroff, Ian, is Harold Quinton Distinguished Professor of Business Policy, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, Founder and Director, USC Center for Crisis Management (1986 to 1996), President, Comprehensive Crisis Management. Department of Management and Organization author of Managing Crises Before They Happen with Gus Anagnos and numerous works on management, ethics and spirituality.

Romm, Norma�s primary research focus is on exploring the way in which researchers can contribute to social development in an accountable way. She is a Research Consultant, ABET, University of South Africa. Her career spans university positions as Dean of the Faculty of Social Science in Swaziland and in Cyprus, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of South Africa and Senior Researcher at universities in United Kingdom and Europe. She has published several books. For example: People�s Education in Theoretical Perspective (with V.I. McKay?, 1992, Cape Town: Longman); and Diversity Management (with R.L. Flood, 1996, Chichester: Wiley) and Critical Systems Thinking (edited with R.L. Flood, 1996, New York: Plenum). The Methodologies of Positivism and Marxism, 1991, Macmillan, London; Accountability in Social Research, 2001, Kluwer/Plenum, New York.

Van Gigch, John, Professor Emeritus, is series editor for the C.West Churchman Series and With Janet McIntyre is Editor for Volume 2. John has published widely, for instance Applied General Theory (1974,1978), Decision Making About Decision Making (1987), System Design Modelling and Metamodelling (1991). His recent publication is �Metadecisions: rehabilitating epistemology�. Kluwer. Plenum, published in 2003.

Young, Janette, a student at the Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management is a winner of the Catherine Spence Scholarship for research on social justice and the Sir Geoffrey Vickers Award in 2004, for her paper on narrative and empowerment, is based at University of South Australia where she is a researcher.


Preface to a New Books Series: C.West Churchman Legacy and Related Works John van Gigch and Janet McIntyre?.

Introduction to Volume 1

1. The Contribution of West Churchman to Sustainable Governance and International relations. Janet McIntyre , 16-35

Recollections and thoughts by his colleague and a newcomer to his work

2. Olov Forsgren, C West Churchman and The New World of Co-Design � panel presentation at memorial panel- a friend of C. West Churchman and a student � works with Russ Ackoff, 37-44 3. Janette Young, Some Notes on Thought and Wisdom � Graduate of Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management and Winner of the Vickers Award at ISSS 2004, Asilomar,45-55

The contribution of West Churchman to doing better governance and International relations

4. John van Gigch, The Systems Approach and its Enemies Helps us Find the Morality of Democracy , 56-67 5. Ken Bausch, Be your Enemy, 68-80 6. Norma Romm, The Social Significance of Churchman�s Epistemological Position: Implications for Responsible Conduct,81- 105

Understanding Churchman�s work through Practical Applications in the Public and Private Sectors to Enhance Social and Environmental Justice

7. Alexander N. Christakis, A Retrospective Structural Inquiry of the Predicament of �Humankind�: Prospectus of the Club of Rome , 106-135 8. Ian Mitroff, Systemic I.Q: Systemic intervention and problem appreciation, 136-161 9. Andrea Carugati, Information Systems Development as Inquiring Systems, 162- 176 10. David Mathews, Pragmatism Meets Systems Thinking , 177-223 11. Timothy Ferris, Churchman and Measurement , 224-239 12. Mike Metcalfe, Justifying Knowledge Claims, 241-252 13 Janet McIntyre?, Bush Tucker, Conversation and Rich Pictures: capacity recognition and entrepreneurship through systemic praxis with Neporendi Forum Inc, 253-267 14. Douglas Morgan, Indigenous Australian Social Exclusion: A strategic praxis approach to research and the provision of social services, 268-299 15. Norma Romm, An Exploration and Extension of Churchman�s Insights towards Tackling Discrimination as a World Problem 300-335


16. Russell L. Ackoff and Jamshid Gharajedaghi, Designing a Replacement for the UN 336-342 17. Janet McIntyre?, Rescuing the Enlightenment from Itself: Critical and Systemic Implications for Re-Working Democracy 343-368

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