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-Discussed at [[connections-20080226]] 
-  * Gareth met Eric Trist circa 1980 at the University of Pennsylvania. 
-    * Eric had a highly-regarded student, Calvin Pava 
-    * Rafael Ramirez was a master'​s student of Eric Trist at York University in the Faculty of Environmental Studies. 
-  * Gareth then heard that Eric was at the Faculty of Environmental Studies 
-    * Gareth was asked to join the Faculty of Environmental Studies 
-    * Gareth was interested in coming to Toronto for social reasons 
-    * Formed a relationship with Eric's entourage 
-    * Eric was interested in action learning, and created the York Action Learning Group in 1981 
-    * David Morley (should speak with him) 
-    * Action Learning Group was interdisciplinary,​ drew in faculty members and graduate students, all generated by projects the people worked on 
-    * e.g. Eric had a project on the future of Cape Breton, and out west 
-  * Projects 
-    * Michel Chevalier, who died several years ago, but a fringe member of the group 
-    * (This would have been before Stafford Beer arrived in Toronto) 
-    * Probably the largest number of action learners in one place 
-    * Action research connected to Fred and Merrelyn Emery; when Fred came through ​ 
-    * Hans von Beinum, Quality of Working Life Institute -- Stafford Beer gave some talks there 
-    * Eric was the catalyst for bringing people together, he was a sharer of ideas, excited in what people were doing 
-    * Given the state of his career, was looking forward, bring in Tavistock, the work through S3 (Social Systems Science) program at Wharton, and with Maruyama and cybernetics 
-    * No intellectual orthodoxy, much more of a collection of people who were like thinking, who would share, and then go their own ways 
-  * One of the interests at the time was the launch of a domain-level organization,​ ones that cross institutional boundaries 
-    * Worked with Rafael Ramirez and David Morley to get an international collaboration on toxicity in the Great Lakes; weren'​t successful, but was typical of the type of activity 
-   * Another: mobilization of educational services for the handicapped: ​ a program, probably in Orillia 
-  * David Morley wrote a book with Susan Wright called Learning Works, a book of case studies of action research projects from people at York University 
-  * A loosely-coupled network, where people paired together 
-    * e.g. Orillia Project: ​ Fred and Merrelyn Emery, documented by Merrelyn on some of the debates that went on there?? 
-    * Almost billed by Fred Emery as a ""​conflict of generations"??​ 
-    * Eric was looking for an umbrella over everyone 
-    * Some polarization of systems thinking as Emeries wanted to describe it, and the looser description that other people were seeking to advocate 
-    * Gareth was influenced by Eric's work on holographic approaches to organizing 
-  * Gareth went back to Wharton, after having met Eric, and Rafael Ramirez was a Ph.D. student there 
-    * Wharton seemed fragmented 
-  * Then Eric Trist moved to California 
-    * Should talk with Beulah Trist, she lives in Carmel, California 
-    * Connected with Marvin Weisbord 
-  * Eric came when David Bee set up program at University of Toronto, as "​investigations in applied epistemology",​ about 8 talks 
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