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===== GENERAL SYSTEM YEARBOOK Volume I - 1956 ===== ---- **Part I. INTRODUCTION** [[wiki: General System Theory]] by Ludwig von Bertalanffy [[wiki: General System Theory -- The Skeleton of Science]] by Kenneth Boulding [[wiki: Definition of System]] by A.D. Hall and R. E. Fagen ---- **Part II. EXPLORATION OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS** [[wiki: Mathematical Models in the Social Sciences]] by Kenneth J. Arrow [[wiki: The Diffusion Problem in Mass Behavior]] by Anatol Rapoport [[wiki: Behavior: Imbalance in a Network of Chemical Transformations]] by D.F. Bradley and M. Calvin [[wiki: Toward a general Theory of Growth]] by Kenneth Boulding [[wiki: The Principle of Allometry in Biology and the Social Sciences]] by Raoul S. Naroll and Ludwig von Bertalanffy [[wiki: On the Parallel Between Learning and Evolution]] by J. Pringle ---- **Part III: IN SEARCH OF NEW FOCI OF INTEGRATION** [[wiki: The Hypothesis of Cybernetics]] by J.O. Wisdom [[wiki: Topology and Life; In Search of General Mathematical Principles]] by N. Rashevsky [[wiki: Dynamic Systems: Psychological Fields and Hypothetical Constructs]] by David Krech [[wiki: Dynamic Systems as Open Neurological Systems]] by David Krech [[wiki: A Biologist's View of Society]] by R.W. Gerard [[wiki: The Rights of Man, a Biological Approach]] by R.W. Gerard

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