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SYSTEMS THEORY/SCIENCE/PHILOSOPHY/THINKING/APPROACH/METHODOLOGY/SYSTEMICS is a transdisciplinary and multiperspective scientific inquiry that studies structure and properties in terms of their interrelationships. Ervin Laszlo contrasts the system model with the Classical science model of reductionism as a shifting of emphasis from parts to the organization of parts; from the “component to the dynamic” as he puts it. Erich Jantsch writes, “Quite generally, a system becomes observable and definable through its interactions. <ref>Jantsch E (1980) The Self-Organizing-Universe. Pergamon Press</ref> They emphasize that it is through these mutually interactive relationships that new properties of the whole emerge. Bela H Banathy regards this observation to be the “value” of systems theory; as this new whole has properties which are not found in the constituent elements. “We cannot understand the whole bit by bit” he explains.[1] <!–(See Note 1:) –>

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