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===== Luminaries of the Systemics Movement ===== †Served as president of ISSS Introduction to our Luminaries [[wiki: russell l ackoff|Russell L Ackoff]]†\\ [[ W Ross Ashby|W Ross Ashby]]†\\ [[ Bela H Banathy|Bela H Banathy]]†\\ [[ Gregory Bateson|Gregory Bateson]]\\ [[ Stafford Beer|Stafford Beer]]†\\ [[ Kenneth Boulding|Kenneth Boulding]]†\\ [[ Peter Checkland|Peter Checkland]]†\\ [[ C West Churchman|C West Churchman]]†\\ [[ Jay Forrester|Jay Forrester]]\\ [[ Charles Francois|Charles Francois]]\\ [[ George Klir|George Klir]]†\\ [[ Niklas Luhmann|Niklas Luhmann]]\\ [[ Humberto Maturana|Humberto Maturana]]\\ [[ Margaret Mead|Margaret Mead]]†\\ [[ Warren McCulloch|Warren McCulloch]]\\ [[ Charles McClelland|Charles McClelland]]†\\ [[ James Grier Miller|James Grier Miller]]†\\ [[ Howard Odum|Howard Odum]]†\\ [[ Harold G Nelson|Harold G Nelson]]†\\ [[ Gordon Pask|Gordon Pask]]†\\ [[ HowardPattee|Howard Pattee]]\\ [[ William Powers|William Powers]]\\ [[ Ilya Prigogine|Ilya Prigogine]]†\\ [[ Anatol Rapoport|Anatol Rapoport]]†\\ [[ Robert Rosen|Robert Rosen]]†\\ [[ Claude Shannon|Claude Shannon]]†\\ [[ John van Gigch|John van Gigch]]\\ [[ Francisco Varela|Francisco Varela]]†\\ [[ Ludwig Von Bertalanffy|Ludwig von Bertalanffy]]\\ [[ Heinz Von Foerster|Heinz von Foerster]]†\\ [[ John Von Neumann|John von Neumann]]\\ [[ Geoffrey Vickers|Geoffrey Vickers]]†\\ [[wiki: JohnNWarfield|John N Warfield]]†\\ [[ PaulWatzlawick|Paul Watzlawick]]\\ [[ NorbertWiener|Norbert Wiener]]\\ ---- ==== Have we missed anyone? ==== If you would like to contribute to the biography of your favorite luminary, please feel free to add your content, or add some comments, below. ----

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