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Guidance on the Style of Abstracts and Papers for Annual ISSS Meetings

Preliminary abstracts are submitted to the annual meetings of the ISSS, for initial screening and streaming into SIG (Special Integration Group) sessions or exploraoty sessions or sessions particular to that year's meeting. The content suitable for SIG sessions ranges from early concept pieces, through to completed research. See the description of individual SIGs for more information about the topics, areas of interest, and different presentation formats for this conference.

In general, your paper can address a very wide range of possible issues, concerns or academic and professional domains. It can be theoretical, experimental, or just thoughtful; can follow scientific protocol or be an application of a model to an organizational setting, and so forth. The key criteria is that it should be systemic, that is, it should clearly state linkages with principles of systems work. In that way, it should not be a work suitable for most traditional journals confined to specific academic disciplines or professions. It should work beyond traditonal boundaries or show how principles might apply to multiple disciplines or professions.

Your abstract submission should provide an overview of:

  • your main point(s),
  • the methods by which you plan to support your ideas, and
  • if appropriate, a description of the case studies you plan to present.

An abstracts can be up to one page in length, with a maximum of 600 words. The abstract should NOT include tables or figures, and should avoid presenting arguments requiring extensive referencing. The abstract will be used to forward your work to a conference session chair, who will follow through with reviews and suggestions as you complete your paper for the final deadline.

The best papers presented at the meeting are often selected for publication in Systems Research and Behavioral Science. Works by students may also be nominated for the Sir Geoffrey Vickers award, which is presented for the best student paper in systems science at the conference.

Important! Presentation slots at the ISSS meeting are limited. If two individuals co-author two works together, each may present one of the papers. However, if only one author of numerous co-authored works registers and attends the meeting, he or she will not be scheduled to present multiple times. There is ample “free time” during the conference to have offline discussions with interested researchers, while the capacity of meeting rooms is limited.

Authors are welcome to self-register and submit their abstracts and final papers at If you are interested in presenting in a specific session, please mark that as a note on the submission, and also send an e-mail to the SIG chair to alert him or her to expect your work. Questions about submissions or problems with the submission process can be directed to the ISSS Office using the email listed on the conference webpage.

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