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By Bala H. Banathy

The viability and relevance of the educational profession will be judged based on the extent to which we spearhead the evolution of education, place ourselves in the service of transforming education, and help create just systems of learning and development for future generations. We now realize that systems design is a missing inquiry in education. Confronted with “new societal realities” and new educational requirements of a rapidly changing world, people look to the professional education community for guidance in the design of their educational systems. This expectation confronts us with the challenge to individually and collectively acquire systems thinking and develop competence in systems design and practice. Education creates the future, and there is no more important task and no more noble calling than participating in the creation.

Editor's note:

Bela Banathy has left us, but he lived his life as a master of his trade. His trade was teaching systemics to teachers of systemics. He left us a wealth of books and knowledge which in the socail aspect is equaled by none. He is the master of social systemics for all time. His dream was not in victory, but of working together and to accomplish this he envisioned what he would call “Agora's” meeting places where minds worked together. His theory of evolution is of particular note, emphasizing the transition to language from which emerged a cultural evolution in which the systemic principle of working together continues human development. The way he lived his life is an example of his ultimate quest, science for the benefit of humankind. It is this that he has left us, his is the science for the benefit of all of us.

Tommy Mandel

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