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-Please contact ​the chair for further information ​about this SIG.+The focus of the AR SIG at ISSS is on the application of action research approaches to Systems Sciences where Action Research is defined as “a participatory,​ democratic process concerned with developing practical knowing in the pursuit of worthwhile human purposes, grounded in a participatory worldview which we believe is emerging at this historical moment. It seeks to bring together action and reflection, theory and practice, in participation with others, in the pursuit of practical solutions of pressing concern to people and more generally the flourishing of individual persons and their communities”. (Reason and Bradbury 2008, p. 4). The AR SIG session at ISSS 2015 welcomes contributions on the application of action research in communities,​ organisations and society. As action research integrates theory and practice we welcome a variety of submissions that can contribute to an interesting dialogue at the conference,​ 
 +The theme for the 59th meeting is Governing the Anthropocene:​ the greatest challenge for systems thinking in practice? It would be good to keep this in mind while submitting your abstracts. 
 +Papers are expected to be 3,500 to 5,000 words in length excluding references and appendices. APA referencing style is preferred. Full papers are to be submitted by September 15,  2015 to be included in the ISSS journal. 
 +Presenters can therefore present their initial ideas in the Action Research SIG sessions at the ISSS 2015 meeting and develop their papers ​further ​for publication in the ISSS journal. 
 +If you need more information ​please contact the SIG Chair Professor Shankar Sankaran at
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