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SIG Chair: Shankar Sankaran

Human Systems Inquiry (HSI) Special Integration Group (SIG) has a central emphasis on those Systems Sciences directly concerned with human beings. We invite you to contribute a paper relevant to the conference theme that also pertains to human systems inquiry. Any paper making this connection will be considered. The purpose of the HSI SIG is to provide an arena for ISSS members to present, exchange information, learn, and discuss:

  • ideas and viewpoints concerning issues in systems methods and methodologies relevant to human beings and the human condition;
  • applications of systemic ideas to systems practice in human contexts;
  • innovations in systems methodology; and
  • systemic case studies conducted in, with, or by human activity systems.

Any one or more of these purposes may be related to the conference theme. For consideration, submit your abstract of 300 words maximum that includes at least one sentence relating the paper directly to the conference theme, and at least one sentence that connects your paper to any one or more of the four SIG focus areas stated above.

Presentation Format: 15-20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes questions.

See other Special Integration Groups

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