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 +SIG Chair: James Simms
 +The missions of the Living Systems Analysis (LSA) Special Integration Group (SIG) are the development and application of living systems theory and science. LSA is one of the oldest and continuously operating SIGs in the society. Much has been accomplished in the development and application of living systems theory and science. Miller'​s living systems theory provides the basis for much of the living systems analysis associated with the SIG. Also, the fundamental principles of a living systems science, equivalent to those of the other natural sciences, have been developed.
 +You are invited to submit papers that deal with the conference theme (Integrated Systems Sciences: Systems Thinking, Modeling, and Practice) from a living systems perspective. Also, papers linking living systems theory and science to other science and bodies of theory (e.g. biology, physics, chemistry, hierarchy theory, duality theory, accounting theory, economics, behavioral theories) are encouraged. We are especially interested in papers that extend living systems science and that apply the science.
 +Presentation Format: This SIG follows a more conventional presentation format with each author subsequently allocated 15 to 20 minutes for presentation and the remaining time allocated for questions and discussion.
 +See other [[Special Integration Groups]]
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