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SIG Chair: David Rousseau


The general systems SIG invites papers and presentations on the following issues, and related work:

Refining the concepts central to general systems research, such as “system”, “isomorphy”, “mechanism”, “open-ness”, “emergence”, etc.; Affirming or challenging the philosophical frameworks underlying contemporary general systems research; Affirming or challenging the possibility and value of a GST; Identifying isomorphies of systemic behaviours across kinds of concrete systems, and exposing the systemic mechanisms underlying or linking them; Identifying general systems principles that underlie systemic isomorphies, or strategies for identifying such principles, and related work; Discussing the limitations and potentials of GST to facilitate interdisciplinary communication, scientific discovery, and the unity of knowledge; The development of a transdisciplinarity grounded in GST.

Presentation Format: 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion.

See other Special Integration Groups

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