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SIG Chair: Vince Lopes


A major effort of scholars interested in sustaining ecological systems is conducting research that takes the complexity of both ecological and social systems into account. Unfortunately, the biophysical sciences and the social sciences have evolved without much knowledge of each other. To move ahead in achieving higher levels of sustainability in a changing world, we need to develop research methods and ontological approaches that enable social and ecological researchers to work jointly. This section will bring together researchers and resource managers to exchange views, methodologies, and experiences in managing social-ecological systems for sustainability. We solicit abstracts that will explore different aspects of social-ecological systems within the context of sustainability, such as (but not limited to): characterization of the social, ecological, and economic structures and processes that maintain the ability of systems to renew or reorganize themselves in the presence of perturbations; identification of the connections between social-ecological resilience and sustainability; and description of case studies designed to build sustainability in coupled social-ecological systems.

Presentation Format: 15-20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes questions.

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