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 +Systems Approaches to Persistent Poverty and Disadvantage SIG \\ 
 +SIG Chair: Dr Yiheyis T. Maru \\ 
 +Description of the SIG: \\ 
 + ​\\ ​
 +Complex and chronic poverty and disadvantage are prevalent among many people in most developing countries as well as indigenous minorities in developed countries. This is despite extensive development efforts by national governments,​ non-government and international organisations for decades. ​ Programs to livelihood improvement and development in the indigenous and developing countries context largely follow conventional planning approaches based mainly on linear causal assumptions. ​
 +The overall aim of this SIG is to create a platform for systems discussion on relevant poverty and disadvantage issues among practitioners,​ policy makers, researchers,​ academics as well as in the long run with interested indigenous and developing country community members. The objective is to promote a holistic understanding,​ and to assist the design of appropriate systemic interventions towards lasting solutions to these complex and chronic development issues.