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 +SIG Chair: Janet Singer
 +Adequate response to emergencies,​ especially by the so-called first responders (fire-brigades,​ ambulances, etc.), is a key to preventing, containing or at least mitigating their effects. Modeling and simulating both the emergencies and the reaction of first responders allows both the improvement of training and active support in action. Most emergencies need a holistic, systemic approach if the response should be effective and durable.
 +Modern ICT allows to model emergency situations and their often highly complex interactions in mathematical terms and also provides visual environments of often surprising near-reality via Augmented and Virtual Realities.
 +For this SIG we invite papers which discuss the various aspects of modeling and simulating emergency situations, be it for training, for prevention or for support under real-life condition. A special focus will be catastrophes where the natural human senses fail to work (nuclear, chemical, biological triggers) or where due to the complexity of the situation, humans capacities are overstrained.
 +Presentation Format: 15-20 minutes presentation,​ 10 minutes questions.
 +See other [[Special Integration Groups]]
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