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SIG on Systems Philosophy

Chair: David Rousseau


Systems Philosophy is one of the three major strands in Systems Science, alongside Systems Theory and Systems Method. The Special Integration Group (SIG) on Systems Philosophy aims to stimulate and coordinate work on the philosophical underpinnings of systemic theories and methods, and thus contribute usefully to the work needed to establish the systems perspective as a mainstream view, and hence for the potential of the systems perspective to be realised.

The SIG on Systems Philosophy provides a forum where systemists can discuss and develop ideas concerning:

the systems lexicon: the conceptual scope of terms needed to describe and explain the nature, behaviour and potentials of systems; systems worldviews: the kinds of philosophies (worldviews) that result from applying systems perspectives, including views on the kinds of systems that does or could exist in a concrete way, the kinds of knowledge we can have about systems, the systemic organisation of the concrete world, the origin and evolution of kinds of systems, systemic perspectives on the nature of meanings, value, and purposes; applied systems philosophy: critical reflection using systemic approaches, the development of systemic transdisciplinarity, systems research addressing the ‘Big Questions’. You are cordially invited to contribute a paper relevant to any aspect of the scope outlined above.

Presentation Format: 15-20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes questions.

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