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 +[[http://​​conferences/​sonoma2006|Sonoma 2006 Front Page]] > [[ Sonoma 2006|Sonoma 2006 on ProjectsISSS]] > Sonoma 2006 Planning
 +To date, there have been eight meetings of the local organizing committee:
 +  - The first meeting was held at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center in San Francisco, March 31, 2005. You can find copies of early correspondence in preparation for this first meeting on the [[http://​​list.php?​8|ISSS 06 Forum page]], or read the [[ Sonoma Planning Meeting 20050331|summary notes]]. It was facilitated by Gordon Feller (Urban Age Institute), who had organized a conference in honor of Gregory Bateson'​s 100th birthday, held in Berkeley, CA, November 20, 2004.
 +  - The second meeting was held at Sonoma State University on May 31, 2005. Members of the committee had an opportunity to view the facilities available at the University.
 +  - The third meeting was held at 1366 Mission St (a kind of interactive design studio), in San Francisco, on Sept. 21. It was a small meeting to envision a more collaborative and interactive format for the morning plenary sessions [[ Sonoma Planning Meeting 20050921|summary notes]].
 +  - The fourth meeting was held on October 11, again at Saybrook. The purpose of this meeting was to review progress to date, form sub-committees and assign specific tasks [[ Sonoma Planning Meeting 20051011|summary notes]].
 +  - The fifth meeting was held on October 26. The purpose of this meeting was to clarify the overall framework for the morning plenary sessions [[ Sonoma Planning Meeting 20051026|summary notes]].
 +  - The sixth meeting was held on November 1, at Sonoma State University. The purpose of this meeting was to assign specific roles relating to conference logistics [[ Sonoma Planning Meeting 20051101|summary notes]] and [[ Sonoma Planning Meeting 20051101|summary of campus logistics]]).
 +  - The seventh meeting was held on December 1, at Sonoma State University, following up on the planning process from Oct. 26 to work out specific details of the schedule [[ Sonoma Planning Meeting 20051201|summary notes]]).
 +  - The eigth meeting of the Planning Committee was held on January 5, 2006 at Kathia and Alexander Laszlo'​s home in the Presidio. [[wiki: Sonoma Planning Meeting 20060105|summary notes]]).
 +  - The ninth meeting of the Planning Committee was held on March 1, 2006 at Sonoma State University. Updates on sponsorship,​ volunteers, abstract submissions,​ and plenary speakers followed by continued conversation,​ design and refinement of specific elements of the conference. [[wiki: Sonoma Planning Meeting 20060301|summary notes]]).
 +More details to follow.
 +  * [[ Sonoma 2006 Conference Online Tools|Conference Online Tools]]
 +  * [[ Sonoma 2006 Planning Timeline|Sonoma 2006 Planning Timeline]]
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