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 +[[http://​​conferences/​sonoma2006|Sonoma 2006 Front Page]] > [[ Sonoma 2006|Sonoma 2006 on ProjectsISSS]] > Sonoma 2006 Venue
 +The 50th Annual Meeting of the ISSS will be held at [[http://​|Sonoma State University]] in Sonoma County, California. Sonoma County is well known for its excellent wineries, redwood forests, and stunning coastline.
 +Sonoma State University offers comfortable onsite accommodations in [[http://​​Main/​Sonoma2006Accommodations|Beaujolais Village]]. Reservations and payment for housing are included on the Registration Form (download here as [[http://​​conferences/​sonoma2006/​2006_ISSS_Sonoma_RegistrationForm.pdf|PDF]] or [[http://​​conferences/​sonoma2006/​2006_ISSS_Sonoma_RegistrationForm.doc|Word document]]).
 +Explore Sonoma County [[http://​​university/​visitor.shtml|visitor information]] for information on transportation and local attractions.
 +Sonoma State'​s Cooperage will be the main meeting hall for the conference.