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Reflections on September 21 planning meeting, by Gail Taylor

I carry the energy from our design time with me. It was wonderful! Thank you all for your time.

I wanted to just put forth a few of the red threads that I took away with me.

Energy, Play, Fun: I loved our flow of energy. There is enough similarity and difference to spark wonderful synergies. For me, the emergence of new possibilities are always fun and so I claim our time together great fun! Todd and I have often spoken about the difference between play and fun and to be sure, they are very different, each with their own personalities. I felt, for me, that yesterday, we have both in abundance.

What matters? What does nature tell us?: I know that we are all very dedicated to finding “the difference that makes a difference” to this conference. What is the escape route to a higher order? How do we craft it without over designing? What does nature have to tell us? Should we be successful with our designs, next year's conference should take the ideas further, recognizing that a phase shift with the audience has occurred. How do we craft the next steps into our design without a heavy hand or a bias as to what emerges?

AND: Throughout our conversation we emphasized AND … we left either/or out of the conversation. Hooray for us! We spread our wings and we also remembered the core, going deeper, deeply honoring the work of the last 50 years and the personalities that has built this incredible body of knowledge. Both are important.

Vantage Points: I like the fact that Debora, Kathia and Alexander stand so firmly within the ISSS community and that Todd, Jeff and I stand outside. This has the makings of creative tension and great design.

Make haste slowly: What a gift! Team mates who honor coming to knowing more than deadlines and premature decisions! And yet, we all know that timelines are real; decisions must be forthcoming. We take that in stride… even Debora with a heavy sense of each passing day! (thank you, especially!)

Ways of knowing: thank you Kathia and Alexander for this gift. It is precious. I will learn more. Now, how do we give this gift through our design to those who will be a part of the conference?

Learning from nature: How appropriate for this core design team designing this conference. Is there any greater way to attract those who choose to take part in the ISSS conference? What do we need to learn from nature? What is the nature of our design?

What matters? On October 26th, we'll create a map… an ecosystem that enables ISSS conference speakers, founders, and participants to find their own patches, to make their own differences, to create something that none of the parts could have created without all the other parts. That reminds me of another thought from Kevin Kelly's book, Out of Control: “It is very easy to get a stable system but very difficult to get the system you want.” Our mapping will reveal enough to know to craft the right stuff.

These are my thoughts as of this moment. All these thoughts are perturbing my mind. I love the fact that we are really co-designing. There is something to say… something wonderful… about evolutionary design. I love the mystery of it.

In deep appreciation and love,


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