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Local Arrangements and Logistics Committee - Notes from Nov.1 Meeting, Sonoma State University

Debora Hammond

Present: Larry Davis, Tiffany von Emmel, Deborah Grace, Debora Hammond, Josh Holcomb, Gregory Mengel

Discussion Items:

I. Review Schedule of Conference Week

II. Review Map of Campus: Location of Meetings, Food, Lodging

III. Identify Roles During Conference Week

Training to be held prior to conference (tentatively July 7-8). Team leaders will identify tasks, create documents, train volunteers and supervise during week A. Transportation (picking up speakers at airport � rental van) Greg Mengel (Team Leader) Urusa Fahim Need to recruit 1-2 additional volunteers B. Registration/Room Assignments (6-8 people; students on work-exchange with at least partial waiver of registration fee; will packets be sent out in advance?) Deborah Grace (Team Leader) Other volunteers since meeting: Jenny Blaker, Jean Maier, Perry James Colin Spake (tentative) C. Red Thread Team (Recording and synthesizing; would work with graphic recorders to document work from each plenary and breakout session) Todd Johnston and Nick Maggliocca (Team Leaders � tentative) Josh Holcomb (audio/visual recording) Need to recruit volunteers � Student SIG may help with this D. Room Monitors (Technical Assistance; may be combined with Red Thread; also Registration Team can help with this) E. Book Display & Other Exhibits � SSU Bookstore; Josh Holcomb will help with initial contacts

IV. Other Responsibilities Before Event

A. Catering � liaison with campus events office

Rashmi Singh

B. Recruiting Student Interns & Volunteers � writing up description of responsibilities

Larry Davis

C. Coordinating Book/Journal Displays � and identifying/contacting publishers and other potential vendors

Josh Holcomb

D. Arranging Home Stays

Deborah Grace

E. Process Consultant

Tiffany von Emmel

F. Assist with Web Content/Design

Eugene Eric Kim, Deborah Grace

G. Putting together materials on local attractions

Extended Education: Intern from Conference Planning Program?

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