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 +[[http://​​world/​conferences/​tokyo2007|Tokyo 2007 Front Page]] > [[ Tokyo 2007|Tokyo 2007 on ProjectsISSS]] > Tokyo 2007 Venue
 +===== Tokyo 2007 Venue =====
 +The meeting will be held at Ookayama Campus, [[http://​​home.html|Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech)]], located in the heart of Tokyo. \\ \\ If you are coming from overseas, you should arrive at Narita International Airport. It is roughly 2 hours from the airport to the venue and also to most of hotels introduced by the conference official travel agent.\\ \\ Ookayama Campus is right in front of Ookayama Station (Tokyu Ooimachi Line and Tokyu Meguro Line). \\ \\ [[http://​​isss07/​access/​index.html|Please click here for access information to Tokyo Tech.]]\\ \\ Tokyo has excellent train and subway networks, which offer easy access to various interesting locations in Tokyo. Local attractions include traditional Japanese temples and shrines, Imperial Palace, modern high-rise buildings with latest fashion boutiques and gourmet restaurants,​ well-known Akihabara Electronics Quarter, and exciting nightspots in Roppongi: They are all within half-hour away from Ookayama Campus. \\ \\ Tokyo is certainly a crossing point of western and eastern cultures.