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The Primer, charged with the role of defining a system, defines it as “a family” of meaningful relationships among the members, acting as a whole…“ A whole-system is a family in a meaningful relationship with its enviornment as a whole.

Here are the secondary elements of systems, our part “B”

Systems, (from the Four Directions of Philosophy, Theory, Methodology and Application), as a family of meaningful relationships among the members acting as a whole and possessing organization as a process with aspects determined by boundaries of information and control as set by the observer according to subjective and objective considerations that might be static or dynamic, with qualities or quantities that are simplicity compared relatively to complexity expressing itself as a closed and/or open system having form and function which can have emergent effects creating an evolution or devolution depending on internal or external relationships utilizing differentiation and integration to form order out of chaoic behavior all at once over a period of time.

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