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Past president of the Society for General Systems Research (now the International Society for the Systems Sciences), 1984.

(deceased 2003)

see bio page at evolve_org:[[|(approve sites)]]

small bio at:

Bela H. Banathy was a founder of the White Stag Program for Scouts second page of their site discusses his 'systems views'[[|(approve sites)]] - article by Bill Roberts 2005

Bela H. Banathy: a short story of my life is at but there is a $25 fee for access Abstract: This article reflects an autobiographical account of Bela H. Banathy's life, providing a recorded history of his accomplishments, personally and professionally. Importantly, Bela's story provides insight into his early life and the historicity of his origins as a systems and design scientist. Copyright � 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

A Biography of Bela H. Banathy: A Systems Scholar by Patrick M. Jenlink another pay to view at:,2,10;journal,4,43;linkingpublicationresults,1:104295,1

Creating the Future written by Bela H. Banathy and Gordon Rowland free on the web at:[[|(approve sites)]]

The Evolution of Evolutionary Systems Design by Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D. and Kathia Laszlo, Ph.D. World Futures. Vol. 58, No. 6-7, 2002 - Special issue dedicated to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Bela H. Banathy is at

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