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{{ <center>====== PlayGround ======</center> }} Please may I propose a new SIG on Representation and Accountability for Sustainable Futures? I would like to link up with colleagues in the International Sociological Association in Research Committee 10 on participation and also with colleagues in Action Research and Action Learning or ALARPM association. The idea is to provide a space for research interests on Representation and Accountability for Sustainable Futures We will test the following hypothesis: The greater the participation in the design of a) knowledge management systems and b) future scenarios to support interorganisational policy making, the greater the match between a) perceived needs and b) policy outcomes. We hope to explore ways to expand the boundaries to include marginalised groups who are not protected currently - young people's interests being the most obvious case in point. We need to make decisions with future generations of life in mind. Processes to achieve this will be focus of the SIG. The following research questions could be explored as they build on current research interests: • Can participation in scenarios be enhanced using structured dialogue (Christakis and Bausch 2006, McIntyre-Mills 2000, 2003; McIntyre, 2006a,b, McIntyre-Mills et al 2006, 2007) to enable testing out ideas across cultures and across networked and un networked communities? • Can participation in e-governance communication (Putnam 1995; White 2001, 2002, Pierre 2000; Peters and Savoie 2000; Rhodes 1997) supported by software (Christakis and Bausch 2006, De Vries 2007) help to make boundary spanning communication (Borradori, 2004) and governance processes (Langford and Edwards 2002) and policy discourses more responsive (Bogue 1989, Bishop and Davis 2001) to perceived needs and changing identities (McIntyre,2005,a,b,c, McIntyre-Mills 2006b, McIntyre-Mills et al 2007,Pierre 2000) ?

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