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SIG Chair: Sue Gabriele



Everyone is invited to the daily reflection RoundTable. We will meet every morning at 8:00am Monday through Friday. Join us every day, or whenever you like.

Our Roundtable purposes are to open a space for daily reflection on our ideals, what we want to learn and create; to increase time for each of us to talk from about what we are thinking and learning now; and to be listened to by others, enjoying and learning with each other in a new way.

Our format is: We spend 5 minutes listening to short readings. We then spend 50 minutes on individual reflections or learning reports, time distributed equally among all present (e.g. 25 people = about 2 minutes each). Our suggested topic for the first morning might be: “What situations and projects did you leave behind to come here, and what could happen here that would be valuable to you in your work and life back home?” Each day, a different topic will be suggested by a different volunteering facilitator in attendance.

Folk wisdom and compelling research indicate that participants experience surprising benefits from this activity after about four sessions. Our own experience with this format has resulted in the following theory: Just as we break the sound barrier when we travel faster than the speed of sound, we break the communication barrier when we hear 25 authentic viewpoints in 50 minutes.

Looking forward to experiencing this with you all!

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