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SIG Chair: Dennis Finlayson and Jae Yu

Conflicts and crisis situations around the Globe are regularly covered by the media while well-researched histories of such events are also commonly available. Especially where these situations have persisted over long periods conventional approaches to analysis would appear inadequate. These are precisely the contexts that systemic thinkers have the opportunity to offer richer approaches drawing on proven ideas within system theory such as requisite variety, for example.

Similarly, critical thinkers might consider that the boundaries of relevant analyses might be redrawn and/or that a different vocabulary be sought? Clearly in any multi faceted and multi-stakeholder crisis quantitative modeling would be expected to offer complementary tools to the more obvious applications of soft methods, but both need to be non naive in their assumptions, well researched in their information based and, as far as possible, expressed in accessible forms, if they are to find an audience beyond of the systems community i.e. reach policy makers, emergency professionals as well as the communities they seek to serve.

Please email further inquiries to the SIG chair email.

Presentation Format: 15-20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes questions.

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