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SIG Chair: Louis Klein

Authors are welcomed to share their papers and wisdom on Systems Applications in Business and Industry in Singerian Inquiry sessions at the 2012 ISSS meeting in San Jose.

Prior to the meeting:

Authors may discuss their ideas about potential contributions with the SIG chair, Louis Klein (

Authors submit abstracts. Abstracts are posted on a web site for review by all. Preliminary discussions about clustering ideas into sessions are facilitated online through web forums/conferences. See the blog post on SABI sessions at Madison 2008.

Authors submit final papers. Papers are clustered into session of three to five papers. Preliminary discussions about ideas are facilitated online through web forums/discussions.

At the conference:

In each session, each author is permitted up to five minutes to present the key ideas of their papers. For the remainder of the 90-to-120 minute session (of which each speaker is the focus for about 15 minutes), an open discussion on common themes and differences between the papers gradually reveals more details about each author's thinking. Non-authors are welcomed to ask clarifying questions and contribute additional ideas, later in the session.

Authors who require more than five minutes to present their papers should not designate their papers for the SABI stream. The chairs of the streams on SIG on Organisational Transformation and Social Change, SIG on Human Systems Inquiry and SIG on Evolutionary Development aim to work together to appropriate place papers, and work through scheduling challenges.

Presentation Format:

Authors will be asked to provide very brief (i.e. five minute) summaries of their key ideas or findings. The balance of the time is devoted to discussion between authors and participants about the topics. The use of Powerpoint is extremely discouraged, and LCD projectors will not be available. A flipchart or white board may or may not be available, for those who find that diagrams accelerate audience understanding.

After the conference:

In some years, digests of the meeting have been included in the conference retrospective (e.g. at Madison 2008).

The SIG on SABI has a history of posting its activities at annual meetings on the web.

The mailing list for this group is at .

See other Special Integration Groups

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