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SIG Chair: Louis Klein

Systems Applications in Business and Industry:

SABI focuses on three areas:

1. Models, methods and instruments The SABI classic looks at models, methods and instruments to observe and describe business and industry in a niche as well as the big picture. Innovations are as well welcomed as revisions and critical perspectives.

2. Reflection-in-Action Systemic reflections of concrete examples and cases look at sense making and problem solving beyond models, methods and instruments. The focus is not only on the what it is on the how and who as well deepening the understanding and contributing towards a body of knowledge of reflective practices in business and industry.

3. Exploration, trends and discourses Finally SABI looks at explorations, trends and discourses beyond the individual business case. What are the paradigmatic dynamics of observing and describing business and industry as such?

In the Washington 2014 conference SABI will also host two exploratory groups which start in the business and industry arena but may also reach far beyond the economic mainland:

 Systemic Project Management Together with the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and the International Center for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) the exploratory group will look at systemic solutions for challenges in project management.

 Systemic Consulting Working closely with the Globally Responsible Advisory and Consulting group of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) the exploratory group will look at systemic consulting practices and the conditions for the possibility to change consulting towards global responsibility.

Abstracts, papers and presentations:

Papers are accepted for presentation based on the submitted abstracts. In each session, each author is permitted up to ten minutes to present the key ideas of their papers. Graphics, visualisation and animations are preferred to text only slides. Very brief discussions of the single papers are encouraged. For the larger part of the session the speakers engage in an open panel discussion among their group and with the audience. The emphasis is on fostering reflection and discourse.

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