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SIG on Systems Philosophy Chair: David Rousseau Email: Systems Philosophy is one of the three major strands in systems studies, alongside Systems Science and Systems Technology/Practice. The Special Integration Group (SIG) on Systems Philosophy aims to stimulate and coordinate work on the philosophical underpinnings of systemic theories and practices, and thus contribute usefully to the work needed to establish the systems perspective as a mainstream view, and hence for the potential of the systems perspective to be realised. The SIG on Systems Philosophy provides a forum where systemists can discuss and develop ideas concerning: • the metaphysics of systems: the conceptual scope, meanings of terms, and onto-epistemic foundations of systems thinking, theorising and practices; • systems cosmology: the kinds of philosophies (worldviews) that result from applying systems perspectives, including views on the kinds of systems that exist in a concrete way, the systemic organisation of the concrete world, the evolution of kinds of systems, the capacities of kinds of systems, and the possibilities that exist for kinds of systems; • applied systems philosophy: systemic approaches to developing transdisciplinary tools, and to addressing the ‘Big Questions’, e.g. the nature of values, the nature of knowledge, the nature of the dialectic between the physical and social sciences. For 2014 we are additionally inviting contributions that discuss the philosophical views of the ‘founders’ of the Systems Movement. These papers should not only discuss such views but also the relevance and value of those views for current and/or future systemic thinking and practice.

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