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This is a working area for the Web Admin team for the ISSS.

The Web Admin team

The team is:

  • Simon Kalechstein (ISSS webmaster, wiki moderator, and JournalsISSS technical manager);
  • David Ing (former acting webmaster, consulting on deep technical issues); and
  • Tom Mandel (Wiki moderator, and the founding webmaster of the ISSS web site)

Any e-mail sent to webadmin AT – will be redirected to an appropriate person.

Flemming Funch provides the ISSS with server space for content, and we try to not bother him too much with our details.

ProjectsISSS Moderation

Since Projects ISSS is a collaborative environment, it's helpful to have some moderators around, to ensure that things don't go awry. Some tips and guidelines are available at Wiki Moderation

JournalsISSS Editing

JournalsISSS is based on Open Journal System from the Public Knowledge Project. It is an extremely complete software package enabling authors to submit papers, with editors in multiple roles managing workflows with reviewers' comments and e-mail corrrespondence to authors. The managing editor should consult the “OJS in an Hour” documentation at the Open Journal System web site. (A lot of the effort is figuring out which button to push at which time!)

JournalsISSS isn't being used for journals per se – the ISSS is aligned with Systems Research and Behavioral Science – but instead for managing the proceedings for annual meetings. There are two major works associated with the meeting: abstracts (which are published as a softcover bound book and included in the conference welcome package) and papers (which are published as a CD-ROM). Although those two works result in static artifacts, there is some content that can be made more generally accessible over the Internet.

The JournalsISSSProcess is largely driven the managing editor – in reality a shared role between the VP of Conferences, and various other roles, such as editor of the CD-ROM. Within JournalsISSSProcess, more details have been developed for:

PubsISSS Moderation

The PubsISSS section of the web site was an pilot with the phpWebSite software for Cancun 2005 conference. It served the function of enabling visibility of paper titles, but disabling and providing access to abstracts was too much work. The section is maintained on the web site as an unmaintained legacy. It will not be removed, but it will not be enhanced.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are maintained using Mailman software. See .

Web Customizations

There are various things that have been done to customize the PHP-based packages for ISSS. We'll try to keep track of them on the Web Customizations page.

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